Hi I'm Steph! I'm a travel RN from Wisconsin. My mission is to be a resource for other current and perspective healthcare professionals.

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"I haven't gone everywhere,


but it's on my list."

Leaving home for the first time definitely isn't easy; it can essentially feel like hitting the reset button on life. Quitting that stable job you finally grew comfortable in. Leaving family and friends that were always just a short distance away. A jumble of emotions: Refreshing. Scary. Thrilling. Empowering. You're only just one leap of faith from enriching your life for the better, a decision I thank myself for everyday. By bursting out of my comfort zone, I have been awarded the opportunity to travel to places I've never seen before, meet incredible new friends from all over the U.S., bless my palate with extraordinary food & beverages, all while gaining valuable experience to advance my career. Life is what you make of it and the future is yours- so what are you waiting for?


Get traveling!