Hi I'm Steph! I'm a travel RN from Wisconsin. My mission is to be a resource for other current and perspective healthcare professionals.

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"You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first."  Unknown

Growing up as an athlete, health and fitness have always been important aspects my life. When I graduated college and retired from competitive soccer, I was forced to find an active supplementation to the lifestyle I had always known, which began with a gym membership. Since I began traveling, I have had the opportunity to try countless of new, healthy, and FUN, hobbies and classes with fellow travelers and solo. Wether you're a fitness fanatic or a beginner looking to adopt an all-around healthier lifestyle, make it happen, TODAY! Below you will find a 100% FREE home workout program, nutrition tracking resources, recommended supplements, and other helpful information to help you reach your goals!


Calories are comprised of 3 macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Protein, & Fats.


Find out your specific "macros," by downloading

the 1st Phorm My Transphormation app, create a login, plugin your goals (weight loss, muscle gain, maintenance),

& calories/macros will be generated automatically

My Transphormation app: Personal calories/macros, daily workouts, food log & guide, ability to upload progress pictures, facebook support groups, assigned advisor, option to upgrade & more.

MyFitnessPal: Set a goal & easily track your daily nutrition through this free app that allows you to scan barcodes and search specific foods. Check it out, now!


Below are my EVERYDAY go-to supplements from 1st Phorm that I can't live without. High quality products from a fantastic company. Ideal for busy professionals who can't always get in vital nutrients through their food on its own.

Level-1 Protein:

  • Easy way to increase protein, 24g per serving

  • Great as a meal replacement, snack, mixes AMAZINGLY for shakes & recipes

  • Low temperature processed = quick digesting, no gas

  • Absolutely delicious!! Favorite flavors: Ice cream Sandwich, German Chocolate Cake, Cinnamon Cookie Batter

Get the full scoop on Level-1 Here

Opti-Greens 50:​ 

  • Increase gut health with probiotics & digestive enzymes

  • 11+ servings of fruits/vegetables 

  • Decreases bloating within 30 minutes 

  • Promotes regular bowel function (Night shift has completely disrupted my circadian rhythm & I SWEAR by this product, it has seriously saved me).

  • Low temperature processed

Optimize gut health with Opti-Greens 50 Here


1st Phorm Products here

Nation Wide Gyms: 

Wherever you travel to, never be without a gym!

Anytime Fitness 

L.A. Fitness

24 Hour Fitness

Equinox Fitness

ClassPass: Fitness/wellness app that allows you to use credits to try any class you want in your area!

Classes: yoga, crossfit, cycling, pilates, barre, circuit, sports, strength & more!

Get 2 weeks free and try up to 8 classes at classpass.com

Cancel after 2 weeks or you will be charged monthly rate